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    Non-Profit In Need of Donated Office Furniture & Equipment for New Location 

    MAY 2011: LOS ANGELES— EmpowerTech, a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization that provides computer training to persons with physical and developmental…


Assistive Technology and More

EmpowerTech prides itself in setting the pace with a dynamic, hands-on approach to helping special needs children and disabled adults adapt to their environments with greater ease. The many success stories we've seen bear witness to the remarkable power of assistive technology (AT).

EmpowerTech assesses students' abilities, then provides training using forward-thinking AT software and hardware to help users read, write, organize, speak and otherwise communicate better – opening amazing new possibilities for disabled people.

Check out EmpowerTech's cool technology to learn more:


Keyboard and Mouse – A variety of adaptive keyboards, pointing devices and joysticks can help disabled persons travel to places they've never been before.

Learning Tools – Reading, writing and organizational software and devices – from personal digital assistants to speaking dictionaries and note-taking tools – open exciting new doors to education and personal achievement.

Augmentative and Alternative Communications Tools (AAC) – How do you communicate if you can't speak? ACC speech tools literally give users a voice – and translate speech to text, communicate through pictures, and much more.

Vision Tools – Surfing the web or reading and sending e-mail aren't always routine if you're low-vision or blind. Screen magnification, screen readers and Braille devices make the impossible, possible.

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