EmpowerTech Success Stories

Tracy (low vision)

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Tracy came to EmpowerTech looking for help in using a computer to write her family's stories, because her failing eyesight had limited her ability to write. After visiting EmpowerTech, Tracy learned to use screen enlargement software. She can now for the first time see her words on the computer screen because the text is enlarged and easier to read. Tracy uses the program’s voice feedback feature when her eyes become too tired. Tracy is now able to write her family’s history and keep their legacy alive.


Nora (TRADE classes)

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Nora is a 22 year old young woman born with cerebral palsy. She faces challenges when reading and has limited use of her left hand. Nora came to EmpowerTech with a great desire to get computer training so that she could be employed as an office assistant. By attending the TRADE classes, Nora developed skill in working with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. She developed one-handed typing skills to compensate for her motor challenges, and became adept at performing computer operations. When Nora got her initial position as an office assistant, she was delighted that she could now use her computer skills in the workplace.


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