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    Non-Profit In Need of Donated Office Furniture & Equipment for New Location 

    MAY 2011: LOS ANGELES— EmpowerTech, a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization that provides computer training to persons with physical and developmental…



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The goal of TRADE (Technology Related Accommodation Development and Empowerment) is to equip adults with disabilities to be competent in using computers with the support of assistive technology.  The TRADE program includes two tracks.  One is for adults who wish to increase their employability as they learn touch-typing, Internet use, and the basics of Microsoft Office applications. The other is geared toward students who wish to work at their own pace to develop skills in using the Internet and Microsoft Office applications. The TRADE program is vendored by the Regional Center and the Department of Rehabilitation. For further information on TRADE, please contact Eric Larsen ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

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